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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Global Symphony"

Visitors Center - Atlanta, GA-

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) opened the Global Communications Center in 2005. CED was chosen to design, install and program the multi-stream video presentation entitled Global Symphony.


When visitors step onto the viewing platform they are treated to one of a variety of "Stories" which are played in "programmed random order”. The stories transition from one to the next in a seamless fashion through the use of media components created specifically as transitional elements. In other words, the Global Symphony is creating its own playlist and ever-changing transitional look in real time, one of the most difficult design & programming challenges ever undertaken by CED.


The multi-screen video presentation includes eight screens that are 10' x 5.6' and one screen that is 14' x 7.8'. There are also nine 50" plasma displays that complement the larger screens. The screen setup allows for the display to show one large image or separate images on each display.


The installation and design of the multi-screen presentation also included eighteen synchronized high-definition Watchout video sources, an AMX master control system, a local audio system, routing of sources to displays, and programming that included lighting control and control of various external devices.


Winner of 2006 ArchiTech Award

Images provided by Doug Mesney



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