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Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Louisville, KY-

Images provided by Solid Light


Winner of 2016 Whiskey Magazine

  ICON & Visitor Attraction of the

  Year Award

The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, designed and produced by Solid Light, Inc., is located in the heart of downtown Louisville, and just blocks away from the original location of Evan Williams' historic distillery. This venue is the first official stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to be located in Louisville, KY and visitors are in for an unforgettable experience.


The media presentations in this venue provide an immersive experience that takes the visitor back to the time when Evan Williams built the first distillery in Kentucky. Beginning with a town-hall style meeting during the early beginnings of Louisville's establishment, the visitor is treated to a historically accurate rendering of old-time Louisville's Wharf and Main Street.


After learning about Evan Williams' first distillery actually worked, the visitor gets to see how Heaven Hill creates the Evan Williams brand today on an eight-screen Monitor Arc that is encompassed by a large-scale manufacturing process diagram, which portrays the bourbon process via chasing LED lighting. And at the end of the tour, there is an amazing bourbon tasting experience that takes place in one of two time-period themed bars.


One of the greatest attributes of this experience is the ease of use for the Bourbon Hosts. Each room's media component can be controlled from the host's individual iPod. The front desk has a main iPad that lists which iPod is in what media area, and allows for communication between all Bourbon Hosts and staff.



1014 E Broadway

Louisville, KY 40204

(502) 584-0816