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Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center

Clarksville, IN-

A unique interactive media piece, titled Virtual Aquarium, is a rear projection system which provides the visitor an idea of what exists just below the water of the Ohio river.  Selecting one of ten touchable items, from various fish and turtles to discarded trash, we see the underwater life of the river and the effect humans can have on their environment.


CED developed and integrated a unique system to enhance the experience for visitors with physical disabilities.  The system was designed utilizing a handheld personal device tied to location savvy software, giving unsighted persons the ability to hear a description of the experience as they make their way through the center.  For hearing impaired visitors, the system detects their location and displays captions on their portable device, while also providing amplified audio and interconnection to their hearing and/or cochlear devices.



Images provided by Solid Light


Winner of 2016 Bronze Telly Award

Falls of the Ohio State park (Indiana) is one of the largest Devonian era fossil beds in the world.  CED worked with our media/design partner, Solid Light of Louisville to completely retool the visitor experience.


The audio visual experience begins with an immersive travel through time deep into the early formation of the earth, and in particular, the undersea world of the Devonian sea.  Interactive exhibits tell of plant life and sea creatures and the process that transformed them into the fossils we find today.


Moving forward in time, we learn of the vast river system that was formed, which carved out the Ohio River Valley that we know today, the result of glacial advancement and retraction over many thousands of years.


As we move into more modern times, the story of Native Americans and the eventual settling by Europeans come into play, supplemented by audioscapes and video stories.  The Lewis and Clark Theater is a multiple projection theater with blended images and large enveloping visuals that depict the time when Meriwether Lewis and George Rogers Clark first met and made camp at the Falls of the Ohio in preparation for their epic western expedition.




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