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Inside the Economy Museum at The Federal Reserve

St. Louis, MO-

Images provided by PGAV Destinations


Working with our media partner, Monadnock Media, CED integrated this system as part of an expansion of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Visitors Center.  The center is housed is a newly renovated wing of their facility in downtown St. Louis.  It consists of 21 separate exhibits which provide the visitor a unique look at the money supply and economy of the United States and how it relates to the world economy.


The beautifully preserved marble and brass teller windows of the original bank, are brought to life by mapped projection that outlines the massive architectural headers and detailed filigree.  This introduction to the center and the economy serves to orient the visitor to what they are about to experience in the rest of the facility.


Throughout the facility there are multiple mini-theaters that feature both mapped and interactive media projection which display results gathered from networked touchscreen interactive kiosks.  The View Into the Vault exhibit, gives the visitor a peek into the operations that actually take place in the bank’s subterranean vault.


Multi-station game style interactive exhibits provide the visitor with observational data based results, comparing their input with the input of other visitors.  Multiple individual interactive exhibits are used to exemplify the subtleties that make up the world economy.




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