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Harrison County Visitors Center

Corydon, IN-

Located in Southern Indiana, just 25 miles west of Louisville Kentucky, Corydon was the original capital of Indiana from 1813 until Indiana formally became a state in 1816. Upon viewing the beautiful landscape of Corydon it’s easy to understand why it was chosen as a location to build a visitors center.


The local government of Corydon, Indiana wished to create a museum that would highlight the foundation of Indiana’s statehood as well as the natural beauty that draws so many tourists to the region annually.  Solid Light, Inc., the nationally renowned design firm was chosen to tell the story of Corydon through exhibits, artistic imagery, and electronic media for its museum. In turn, Solid Light relied on their strategic partner CED to engineer, integrate, and program all AV and Interactive components for the museum.






Portrait Wall – circa 1900 still frame portraiture that become animated with voice and enter into dialogue with each other.  Initiated by motion sensing.


Vintage Wooden Drawer File System – circa 1900.  Several of the drawers have been altered/equipped with magnetic switches. When the viewer opens any of these drawers a collection of artifacts is revealed (lit by led lighting) with a brief audio description.


Faux Tree Stump Interactive – Two interactive touch screens mounted into top of stump.  Each touch screen, programmed by CED, presents a game featuring local wildlife. As an example, the “Birds” interactive game invites the user to choose a an icon for one of nine different birds, each choice will prompt the call made by the appropriate bird and will also illuminate a large scale version of the bird on a wall fifteen feet in front of the viewer. The visitor is then invited to play a game of Q&A on either touchscreen that will reveal specific characteristics of each bird (or animal if using the second touchscreen). Correct responses trigger the backlit animals or birds to activate.


Cave Interactive - In a dark cave-like area of the museum is a sliding interactive touch monitor designed and programmed by CED. A sleek 80/20 aluminum frame encompasses the six-foot graphic panel  A 32” ELO touch screen slides the entire length of the unit from left to right. The touchscreen display has been programmed to mirror the appropriate section of the background graphic as the viewer pulls the screen from side to side. Throughout the entire six feet of the image there are multimedia “hot spots” that pop up on screen. The visitor is invited to touch the hot spot to learn more about Indiana’s cave systems.


Civil War Stories Theater – Three-projector array portrays personal Civil War stories displayed on dynamic custom wall shapes. The media has been morphed to match the unique architecture of the room. At the exit end of the theatre is a 55” ELO touch screen display that allows the visitor to navigate through numerous Civil War narratives from the soldiers’ perspectives.


School Desk Interactive - Two vintage school desks (circa 1910) are retro fitted with individual touch screens.   One interactive portrays the conditions of schools and their occupants at the turn of the 20th century and the other presents a quiz entitled “Are You Smarter than a 1902 Fifth Grader?” A fun interactive for kids of all ages.



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