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Kentucky Derby Museum "The Greatest Race"

Louisville, KY-

The basic system consists of 14 projectors that are seamless blended and warped to a racetrack oval, a full range six channel audio system, and a user-friendly touch screen interface.  CED also enhanced the system allowing it to be utilized for private events, giving the staff the ability to produce custom graphics, Powerpoint, and media from outside sources for display in the theater.

The Kentucky Derby Museum is located on the grounds of Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby and the oldest, continuously operated racetrack in the United States. CED designed and installed the AV Systems for the central attraction of the museum: the 360-degree theater presentation of "The Greatest Race", which gives the viewer a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the life of a Derby winner.


In early 2015, the Kentucky Derby Museum initiated a major upgrade of both the visual content and the AV Systems hardware for this unique presentation


The 10-foot tall by 60-foot wide (211 linear feet) 360 degree oval presentation, which has seen many technical transformations over the museum’s 30+ year history, started out life as a 96 projector slide show in 1985.  Then in 2000 CED, along with show producer Donna Lawrence Productions, developed one of the world’s first synchronized HD 360 media pieces.  Though there have been subsequent hardware and software updates since that time, the film remained in this basic form until the major upgrade in 2015.  Working once again with the production team at Donna Lawrence Productions, CED engineered a system that yields a resolution better than 4K, boasting a single seamless image. The new system also incorporates the latest in digital playback technology, enhanced audio reproduction, precision control systems, and the first-time use of a camera based image warp and blending system that is totally automated and maintains perfect projection alignment.


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