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National Constitution Center "Freedom Rising"

Philadelphia, PA-

Featured in 2017

Panasonic Case Study


The National Constitution Center is a major attraction in Philadelphia’s historic district.  Situated across the mall from Liberty Hall and adjacent to the Liberty Bell, the NCC was built through an act of Congress as a major non-partisan history center based on understanding and interpreting the United States Constitution.  The signature orientation show, Freedom Rising, is a short introduction the principles and guiding forces put in place by our founding fathers and the official document of “We the People”.  It’s the best 12 minute history and civics lesson available and a great starting point to the many historic sites to visit throughout the city.


Freedom Rising has the distinction of the longest running live actor show in all of Philadelphia.  The show features a single live actor presentation interacting with and within choreographed visuals, sound and automated lighting.



Donna Lawrence Productions, artfully designed the presentation which is often sparse with visuals and builds into a powerful, all encompassing experience immersing the visitor in a media rich environment.  The four story theater in the round seats 350 people and utilizes stadium style seating for excellent viewing from all seats.  The floor acts as a major projection area as the show commences and moves to include the 80 foot diameter by 12 foot tall band of imagery at the top level of the theater.  This seamless blended image is used throughout the show to punctuate various portions of the story and then fills with support images that enhances a five screen pentagonal scrim that drops from the center of the room, enveloping the presenter inside.


This one of a kind presentation is technically comprised of a 10 projector seamless image in a 360 degree configuration.  The projectors use a state of the art camera based alignment, warping and blending system that keeps everything in perfect registration.  Five large projectors are mounted above the entry door and use a folded light path to project onto the moving scrim projection screens.  A fifth large projector is mounted high above the floor to display the 18 floor image.  Visual and audio playback is from two high capacity servers followed by an intelligent lighting system designed by Available Light of New York.  A fourteen channel audio system distributes high quality audio throughout and a CED custom designed audio front end give each of the possible 27 actor pool, their own individual audio setting that is tuned to their unique vocal characteristics.


Being a center for constitutional issues and public discussion, the NCC has alternate uses for this unique space, mainly for town hall type presentations and debates.  CED developed an Event Mode setup which gives the staff the ability to produce and display custom graphics and insert informational media along with traditional Powerpoint and PC based graphics.




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