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The National Museum of the Great Lakes

Toledo, OH-

The National Museum of the Great Lakes is a showcase of Great Lakes history that has been preserved by the Great Lakes Historical Society. The museum provides a rich historical perspective through the use of video and computer inter-active programming produced by Monadnock Media Inc.



The center space houses a dedicated theater area and is home to “A Powerful Force”, a history-rich film about the Great Lakes. Located directly in front of the theater’s curved screen is a show –programmed, LED lighted map of the Great Lakes, which provides a dramatic accent to this feature film.



Other major exhibits include the Maritime Technology Ship Models exhibit (a lighting program synced to selected audio) and the Lighthouse Game (a matching game where visitors must match each lighthouse to its light pattern).


Images provided by Hilferty & Associates



1014 E Broadway

Louisville, KY 40204

(502) 584-0816