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Ohio Statehouse Museum

Columbus, OH-

Images provided by Hilferty & Associates


The Ohio Statehouse Museum centers around the history and the people of Ohio. The AV system is centrally-located and controlled with room for future expansion. There are seven computer interactives throughout the museum:


The State of the State Exhibit - visitors can read past Governor speeches from a teleprompter mounted in an adjustable podium

The Balance the Budget Exhibit - visitors can develop and compare their own Ohio budgets to past budgets

The Working for Ohio Exhibit - visitors play a trivia game about the different departments of the Ohio government

The Meet the Governors Exhibit - visitors can learn more about the past Governors of the state of Ohio

The Ohio Constitution Exhibit - visitors can actively interact and learn about the Ohio Constitution

The Representing Districts Exhibit - Ohio visitors can look up information regarding their representatives based on where they live

The Great Ohioans Exhibit - on a 50" touch screen, visitors can learn about all of the famous people that came from Ohio


As the visitor starts on the tour of the Ohio Statehouse, they receive a voting card that can be used at the Vote Today exhibit. The visitor uses their magnetic card at one of the three voting booths in the Elections Gallery. They insert the card into the card reader, and the issue of the month appears on a customized touchscreen. The visitor selects their vote, and the current results show up momentarily on the touchscreen. After the voting period is over, the final results are shown on the Ohio Statehouse's website. This AMX-based voting system allows the museum director to change the issue, keep a tally on the current results, and even display custom messages on the Vote Today LED displays.



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