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Sioux City Public Museum

Sioux City, IA-

In concert with Monadnock Media Productions, CED was chosen to provide all AV and electronic exhibit elements for this project, featuring the 3-Screen Hi-Definition “Corn Palace Theater”. The theater is complete with complex lighting and theatrical effects designed, fabricated and implemented by CED. At the end of the show, the large center screen “flies out” revealing the entrance to the main areas of the museum.


The Sioux City Public Museum includes many different interactive exhibits besides the basic touchscreen interactive stations. At the Interactive Map exhibit, spinning the wheel takes you back in time to display what different aspects of Sioux City looked like starting in the late-19th century. The Trolley exhibit allows the user to shuttle through a collection of historical and current pictures from around the city. And before the visitor leaves the museum, they can take a photo and send a digital postcard to any valid email address.


Want to learn more about the major disasters of Sioux City? The Disaster Wall exhibit is a 4-screen projection wall integrated into the front of a damaged building facade. The three different shows are shown at specific time intervals, each with its own lighting, fog, and siren effects.


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